Christopher Ford | Access Management Phase I + II

Access Management Phase I + II


As part of Arizona State University’s quest for creating a more pedestrian friendly campus, the first two phases of the Access Management Project were completed over a two year period with design occurring during the spring and construction occurring during the summer. The two phases included the installation of security bollards located at the boundaries of the newly defined walk-only zones as well as the installation of bike valet enclosures, bike parking enclosures, electric cart parking stalls, bike racks and the associated landscape and screening.

As part of Phase I of the Access Management project, I was responsible for the development of the construction document set, creating hardscape details, and the majority of the project’s planting design. For Phase II I assisted in feasibility exercises, hardscape and planting design, the development of hardscape details, and the creation and management of the construction document set prior to the end of my employment at the University’s Architects Office.