Christopher Ford | Ceramics Research Center

Ceramics Research Center

Option 4

The Ceramic Research Institute at Arizona State University is well renowned for its extensive ceramics collection and its unique approach to open storage. As part of the design of a new home for the institute, the goal of this project was to highlight its uniqueness while providing a highly functional building that perfectly blends into the context. Located at the southern edge of Mill Avenue, the center provides an expanded program for the institute including an expanded gallery, unique outdoor courtyard, and an open storage walk that uniquely displays a portion of the institute’s collection.

Designed to sit humbly on the site, the center’s form and material palette is derived from the neighboring structures allowing the ceramic collection on the interior to steal the show. As visitor’s enter they are met with multiple displays whose designs are meant to be flexible allowing the curator to craft the museum as they see fit. All the program elements circle around a central courtyard that provide a place for museum events and fund raising allowing the Ceramics Research Institute to grow into the future.