Christopher Ford | Container Home

Container Home

Option 1

Located off Bondi Beach, this single family house made from recycled shipping containers reflects the history and attitude of its surroundings. Between the inconsistency of the surf and the clash between traditional and progressive ideas within the community, the context is riddled with conflicting elements all of which are expressed in the house through the concept of opposing forces.

As part of an international design competition, the goal of the competition was to design a vacation home using shipping containers. Given the implied nature of a vacation home, our goal was to create a house that maximized views to the ocean and provide all the essential necessities while still maintaining some form of architectural modesty allowing the building to better blend into its surroundings.

The overall design of the project was a truly collaborative effort between the two other team members and myself. My production role focussed on the 3D modeling of the project and the subsequent perspective renderings.