Christopher Ford | Dentro Por Fuera

Dentro Por Fuera

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“Dentro Por Fuera” was the ASU entry at the 2013 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show designed and constructed solely by numerous students from varying disciplines and grade levels. Using inspiration from urban Mexican culture, a combination of elements creates an appealing outdoor room while the introduction of new plant material, original lighting strategies, and sculptural water showcases the innovative functionality and showmanship intimate residential gardens can possess. This space achieves the comfort of an interior that sparks intrigue due to its placement of elements to be discovered, not simply seen.

The design and construction of this garden was the very definition of collaboration. Twenty three Landscape Architecture students spent eight months designing, building, and installing this project at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show where the garden was awarded the Golden Gate Cup (Best In Show). This was the first student group and the first garden from Arizona to ever win this prestigious award. I was heavily involved in every aspect of the garden from the overall layout of the garden to the general construction and setup at the show. My specific area of focus was the design and construction of the papercrete demonstration garden pictured on this page. Two other team members and myself spent many weeks testing papercrete mixtures, wall textures, and plant combinations in order to produce what became one of the true highlights of the garden.