Christopher Ford | Design Build Research Institute

Design Build Research Institute

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Phase II of the ASU’s Block 12 development was designed to be a Design Build Research Institute that features a state of the art facility for students and faculty to explore the sciences of design and building technologies with an emphasis on collaborative research. Therefore, the building was designed to encourage collaboration through the use of visual and physical connections between key programmatic elements of the building through the use of a unique sectional relationship that connects the studio spaces, research labs, and fabrication lab.

This semester was part of the “comprehensive studio” meaning there was much more of an emphasis placed on the realities of architectural practice such as egress calculations, wall assemblies, structural and mechanical concepts, and building code compliance. Therefore, the semester featured not only collaboration within our group of four, but also included coordination with a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, construction management team, and secondary group of architects that provided an experience that was analogous to a real life architectural practice.

The overall design of the project was the result of a truly collaborative effort between the four members of the design team. My focus of the project included, but was not limited to, the design of wall assemblies/building sections, 3D modeling, structural and mechanical design, floor plan design, model building, and material selection.