Christopher Ford | Friendship Park

Friendship Park


Located in Avondale, Arizona, Friendship Park is one of the city’s most prominent and largest parks, but due to its age, has fallen into a bit of disrepair in recent years. Led by a city initiative, the project was designed to bring the park up to date by making use of strategic improvements throughout the site. Among these improvements included a renovated restroom, parking lot improvements, and the crown jewel of the project; a new park activity zone. This new park activity zone features a new restroom, splash pad, picnic ramadas, and an outdoor kitchen that combine to form the nucleus of one of the city’s most attractive amenities.

My Role: Logan Simpson’s work on Friendship Park was divided into two phases due to a scope change initiated by the client. I was brought on to the project as a lead designer for Phase II, which included the addition of the park activity zone to the project’s scope.. My role as a lead designer included  the management of the 120 page construction document set, the layout and design of the new park activity zone, the development of custom details such as the outdoor kitchen and gabion seat walls, management of the cost estimate, the design and development of the custom ramadas and shade structures based on existing architectural concepts, the coordination of sub consultants, client meetings, and the coordination of an internal team to complete the large scale project on time.